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      Al Huda English School, one of the most leading English schools in Kerala, is the embodiment of a noble vision that we

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      To ignite intellectual curiosity, to inculcate social accountability and to foster moral ethics and values.

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      The school is obliged to ensure that all its students shall have ample opportunity to imbibe social values,

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      Education, Co Curricular, Transportaion, School Store, First Aid Facilities.

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    Words of Chairman

    Nirman Mohammad Ali

    Development begins from education. It is for this reason that we took an earnest effort for the historical foray into education; a synergy of moral secular studies. The soul purpose of education is not to restrict itself to feeding mere information to the youngsters only, but inculcate values and morals that enrich their personality. Al Huda English School has been established to attain the aim to enable all our children to reach their full potential in a morally enhanced environment leaving no stones unturned. We are hopeful that with parents’ best co-operation Al Huda would continue to render commendable services to the cause of education.

    Principal Desk

    Muhammed Shafeek.EK

    Today’s world demands much more from educational institutions. The present generation is in a turmoil that sets the minimum requirement for survival is the ability for knowledge or idea generation. Education cultivates the essentials in young minds that mitigate the chaos and enable them to achieve better prospects in career growth. Besides, it enhances an individual to sufficiently be equipped with the core values to interpret the world around him rightly. Education all over the world is witnessing a sea change, where the productive aspects of learning take the driving seat, leaving the cognitive aspects aside.

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